Staged Readings

In a staged reading, the actors work behind music stands or from chairs, holding scripts. Although no sets or lighting and minimal if any costumes, props or staging are used, the writers get to hear the play and gauge audience reaction. This step is particularly important in the development of a musical to learn its strengths and weaknesses without the time and expense of a full production.   The authors of TRAV’LIN greatly appreciate the theatres that gave us this opportunity.


The York Theatre Company, New York, NY

February 12, 2009

George: Boise Holmes*
Billie: Sondra Reaves Phillips*
Archie: David White*
Roz: Lucy Shropshire*
Nelson: Eric O’Neal*
Ella: Vanessa A. Jones*
Director: Micki Grant
Musical Director: William Foster McDaniel


 The York Theatre Company, New York, NY

Thursday, May 10, 2010 (Return Performance)

George: Darryl Reuben Hall*
Billie: Jannie Jones*
Archie: Randy Donaldson*
Roz: Pilin Anice*
Nelson: Jonathan Burke*
Ella: Vanessa A. Jones*
Stage Manager: Lily Perlmutter*
Director: Ben West
Musical Director: Lafayette Harris, Jr.


1st Stage Theatre, McClean, VA

July 21-22, 2012

George: Elliot Dash*
Billie: Gabrielle Goyette*
Archie: Djob Lyons*
Roz: Nova Payton*
Nelson: Kevin McAllister*
Ella: Lauren Du Pree
Narrator: Lindsay Roberts*
Director: Gary Holmes & Allan Shapiro
Musical Director: Darius Smith